ErfolgTeam is not only a professional platform but also works on humanitarian basis. The major objective is to serve humanity in a clear, concise and truthful manner, and to also earn a living. The success of a candidate and their complete satisfaction carries the joy of ErfolgTeam.

Not only does ErfolgTeam motivate students to make their future in Germany but also stands by them as their LIFE TIME MENTOR. ErfolgTeam provides guidance in several matters, like after the arrival of the student in Germany. The students lack information in the start to settle in Germany, therefore ErfolgTeam helps them in vital matters, such as registration at the town hall, which is mandatory for the visa extension at the foreign office. Several documents required for the visa extension are also looked after by the ErfolgTeam. In this regard, the documents may be in German which are not understandable by the student at his early time in Germany, ErfolgTeam makes sure that the students understand the documents properly in order to avoid any kind of delays.

During the study period, ErfolgTeam always supports the students in finding a part time job. In this regard consultancy is provided on HOW and WHERE to apply for a part time Job. This would help the students in fulfilling their expenses during their studies.

You are definitely not let alone on the completion of your degree. The primary objective to have a prosperous job in the respective field of study, and attain a WORK PERMIT visa can be efficiently achieved by the assistance of ErfolgTeam in finding the companies and preparing the application for Job.

After having worked for a certain time period the student looks forward to the immigration (permanent residence permit or nationality) in Germany. For that, ErfolgTeam makes sure that the student puts his complete application at the right time in order to get the earliest possible results.

Services Overview

Free Study in Germany

The university network in Germany is one of the largest in Europe. Most of the German universities are funded by the Government in order to ensure FREE EDUCATION.
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Germany Immigration

Germany is a hot spot immigration destination for people across the world and has eased the settlement process for foreigners over the past few years. — Read More

Visa Process

There are a number of steps one has to undertake in order to come to Germany for study purposes. — Read More

Jobs During Studies

Unlike other countries, Germany has allowed international students to work and to earn their livings. Students have opportunities to work during the semester and also in the semester breaks. — Read More

Visa Process Flow Chart

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