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Freshman Program –Your Fast Track to Engineering, Management, Medicine and Humanities Programs

The Freshman Program is the ideal entrance year, leading to a variety of Bachelor programs in Germany. Students from all over the world, study in small groups in a unique intercultural environment, expanding their intellectual horizons while preparing for a future as engineers, business managers, doctors or teachers in today’s global community.

After completing the Freshman Program successfully, the participants can apply to one of the Bachelor‘s degree programs in Engineering, Management, Medicine and Humanities Programs at FH Aachen or at other universities.

Previous knowledge of German is not required for the fields of study listed below.

You can select your field of study from the options at four partner universities. The use of English and German as the languages of instruction as well as the details of the Freshman program vary depending upon the bachelor’s program and partner university.

The Freshman year will be taught in English and German.  German language classes will help the students with the transition from English to German. The bachelor’s program will be in the language listed below.

After successful completion of the Freshman program, the Freshman Institute guarantees that the student will be admitted to one of the programs at following universities:

Study Focuses

In the Freshman year you will have a choice of four general fields of study (majors):



  • W-Kurs = for business studies such as Business, Economics, Social Sciences & Law
  • T-Kurs =  for technical studies such as Informatics, Engineering, Mathematics, & Natural Sciences
  • M-Kurs = for Medicine studies such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychology, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry & Biology
  • G-Kurs = for humanities studies such as Humanities,  Social Sciences, Languages, Psychology, Law & Art
As a general rule the Freshman program does not offer a final exam (Feststellungsprüfung) for these courses.



All overseas services are included. A secured bank account is not required. The all-inclusive fees are currently 17,500 euros for the academic year. This includes the €500 security deposit for rooms. The fees must be paid upon receipt of the admission to the Freshman program in order for the student to participate in the course.

Admission Requirements

For admission to the Freshman program you need:
1. Secondary school leaving certificate
2. A basic knowledge of either English or German
3. Entrance examination to the Freshman program
4. Freshman Institute provides an opportunity to the applicants to sit our in entrance examination every year,
either in their home country or at the FH Aachen.

Languages of the Fields of Study

Depending upon your chosen study focus (T, W or M), your language options in the Freshman year may be:

• in English/German (study focus T – knowledge of German not required for admission)
• in German (study focus T, W or M)
• in English (study focus T or W)
Your First Steps Towards The Future
Submit the application form with all required documents
• Pass entrance examination
• If you then meet the admission requirements for
• (Freshman Program) Freshman institute will send you an admission Letter
• Institute has simplified and accelerated the APS and Visa procedure for Chinese and Vietnamese applicants
• Arrival period: middle of October
• Freshman year starts: mid-October and ends 31st August
• Freshman year consists of 3 trimesters. After each trimester, examinations are held
• After you have passed the Freshman final exams, the Freshman Institute guarantees a study place

To learn more about the Freshman Program, please visit the official website of the Freshman Program at Aachen University of Applied Sciences.