ErfolgTeam SIG e.K. is based in Germany, and through our services we pride ourselves in helping international students reach their academic and career goals. Over the course of the several years of our operation, we have catered to hundreds of prospective students in attaining higher education at renowned universities and institutes in Germany. With time, we have honed our expertise in providing educational consultancy services that are cost-effective, efficient and solution-driven. Our services cater to students looking to study in Germany, and have the pre-requisite education for the area of study that they wish to enter. Browse through the following consultancy services for international students for an estimate of what we offer, which might help you in achieving success.

Recommendation of Courses
As anyone who has sought higher education and partook in the application process, may attest to the challenges and difficulties in selecting the right degree/program. ErfolgTeam SIG e.K. has trained and experienced professionals
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Admission Support
It is our foremost concern to match the student with the best possible study opportunity, and this concern for the right program is kept in view while seeking admissions. ErfolgTeam SIG e.K. takes a special interest in each individual case, prioritising
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Support in finding Health Insurance
With the presence of a variety of government and private health insurance companies in Germany, finding a reasonably priced health insurance can be difficult for candidates. Matters can become even more confounding, given the
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Student Bank Account
To apply a Student Visa for Germany, International students require an adequate proof of financial support to fulfil the embassy´s visa requirement. You need to show around 8640 Euros as a proof of your financial support. We will help
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Support In Visa Application
ErfolgTeam SIG e.K. provides a full support in completing the visa application
List Of Required Documents:
Although each country´s embassy/consulate
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Travel Assistance
ErfolgTeam SIG e.K. will be providing assistance to all students after they receive their German Study Visa, and help them in making a smooth transition to Germany. The company maintains ties with hundreds of students in Germany, and we can help
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Disclaimer: The information provided here is to the best of our knowledge, and although ErfolgTeam SIG e.K. constantly revises and updates it, rules and regulations are subject to change. ErfolgTeam SIG e.K. shall have no liability for the accuracy of this information.