PSP Classic is a one year Foundation Program, which is primarily designed for the international students who have completed a minimum 12 years of Education (High School) and would like to enrol in Bachelor´s program in Germany.

Studying PSP Classic provides you with a solid academic foundation in the individual disciplines of engineering, economics and health. Specialized German courses will bring your language skills to an adequate level. Qualified lecturers and an excellent atmosphere will prepare you for studying at a German university. Graduates of PSP are eligible to take the final examination (Feststellungsprüfung - FSP) at the end of the program.

PSP Classic offers three areas of study to the students who intend to enrol in a Bachelor’s program in:

• Engineering
• Economics
• Medicine

German Universities require 13 years of education to qualify for Bachelor´s program, so PSP Classic is designed for students whose secondary-school certificate does not qualify them for a direct access to a bachelor´s program in Germany.

Courses Offered in PSP Classic:

T-Course: Prepares for Technical Studies, which includes Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics & German lessons.
W-Course: Prepares for Business Related Studies, which includes Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, German & English lessons.
M-Course: Prepares for Medical Studies, which includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics & German lessons.

Advantages of the PSP Classic

• PSP Classic saves you a language training in your home country so you can start learning German language directly in Germany in your Foundation program, this way you can complete required German language program and Foundation year program in one year.
• After passing the PSP final exam (FSP) students are eligible to start a Bachelor degree across Germany
• The students become integrated with the German culture
• Students also get internships and project opportunities


1. Copy of your Higher Secondary School Certificate (12 years of Schooling or Equivalent) and, if applicable, a university entrance exam certificate of your home country
2. Proof of sufficient English language ILETS (minimum 5.5 Band) or equivalent certificates TOEFl or PTE (Cambridge Tests are also acceptable)
3. Proof of German Language Certificate (only If available)
4. Passport Copy (Front & Back Side)
5. Passport Size Photo
6. Curriculum Vitae (CV, Resume)

How To Apply

Send the duly filled Application Form.
Send scanned copies of the required documents per E-mail at

Application Deadline

Summer Session: For March/April Intake: Apply Before 31st January
Winter Session: For September/October Intake: Apply Before 31st August

For Further inquiries, please contact Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) Institute or visit